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What We Do

Geranium Limited Surveying Division can respond quickly to our client’s needs….

Designs of special bridges, such as arch bridges, also require advanced design techniques. This is because such techniques demand to have the idea of particular bridge types.

There are several phases in the road design process: the preliminary design phase and the detail design phase.

We carry out basic surveys, feasibility surveys, master planning, preliminary designs, and detailed designs for everything from…

Who We Are

Geranium Limited is an engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services company situated in Lagos Nigeria; We are an affiliate of Geranium USA LLC. in the Maryland United States of America.

 Geranium Limited is responsible for the execution of Geranium Limited engineering services encompass a broad range of sit at the core of our problem-solving approach. To our customers, this flexibility is crucial to the success of their facility. Engineering Services on both local and international projects across sectors including offshore support services, oil and gas, petrochemical, power (gas turbine and renewable), environmental protection, industrial, civil, building, housing, and services. 

Since its establishment, Geranium Limited has been pursuing sustainable growth and stability, along with its consistent efforts to achieve the happiness of humanity and a better world and we have gained a good reputation for excellent construction capability in various civil infrastructure (road and bridge infrastructure with future plans of road concessions with government’s infrastructure plan as a solution to the infrastructural deficit. Architecture, and housing construction is one of our other niches.