Designs of special bridges, such as arch bridges, also require advanced design techniques. This is because such techniques demand to have the idea of particular bridge types that can be applied for special terrain. We have many achievements that have become a regional symbol and have won many awards such as the

Maintenance of Bridge

Many aspects can be seen in bridge maintenance, such as inspection, repair, reinforcement, diagnosis, and advanced monitoring, etc. For these changes, we try to meet the demands of clients by utilizing our skilled techniques and advanced analysis methods.


Seismic analysis and design

We provide optimal and economical seismic construction methods based on our abundant experience in seismic diagnosis and measures. In a bid to respond to the rapid increase of aging bridges, we carefully conduct the inspection and survey of bridges. We perform soundness assessments to supplement visual inspections, such as damage that is hard to see like fatigue cracks and corrosion damage which is buried in concrete and cannot be seen.