Dam Construction


Geranium Limited provides the full range of dam engineering services including design and remediation, instrumentation, construction monitoring, safety inspections, forensics, and removal design and construction. We employ a multi-disciplined approach to design, construction, maintenance, emergency action, safety inspection, and removal. Our staff includes geotechnical, structural, and water resources engineers as well as natural resource managers and underwater inspection teams featuring dive-certified professional engineers. We are familiar with federal and state design and safety requirements for all classes of dams, including earthen/rockfill, concrete, high and low hazard, reservoir, stormwater management, recreation, and flood control and levee structures. Services include:
Geotechnical engineering, Water resources analysis, Structural engineering and inspection, Underwater, Inspection, Natural resource management, Forensic engineering, Dredging, Removal resign and construction, Dam and Reservoir Rehabilitation.

Geranium Limited provides rehabilitation services for existing dams and reservoirs. Our engineers have extensive experience designing improvements to existing reservoir sites and dam structures. A few highlighted services that our staff specializes in are:
Reservoir site planning and investigations
Dam and reservoir enlargement
Dam instrumentation design and monitoring
Seepage investigations and rehabilitation
Earthquake deformation analysis
Forensic investigations of dam and embankment failures
Dam Safety and Inspection
Dams and reservoirs provide numerous benefits such as water supply, flood control, irrigation, and recreation but they also represent a risk to public safety and the nation’s infrastructure if not properly maintained. Engineering Analytics puts a high emphasis on reducing the risks associated with new and existing dams by offering our clients the following services:
Dam inspections, Geotechnical investigations, Risk assessment for dams, Dam breach inundation mapping, Emergency Action Plan (EAP) preparation.

Embankment design, Outlet design, Spillway design, Rehabilitation design, Dam inspections, Seepage , Investigations and rehabilitation, Site assessment, Geotechnical and geological site assessments, Reservoir enlargement.
We provide practical solutions geared towards protecting and maintaining water supplies