We Make Quantitative Growth Qualitative

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What We Do

— Survey

Geranium Limited Surveying Division can respond quickly to our client’s needs. We take pride in providing our clients….

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— Bridges​

Designs of special bridges, such as arch bridges, also require advanced design techniques. This is because such techniques demand to have the idea of particular bridge types.

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— Road Construction

There are several phases in the road design process: the preliminary design phase and the detail design phase.

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— New Infrastructure

Geranium Limited has a concept of complex projects through its vertically integrated approach…We pride our self on the list for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

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Who We Are

Geranium Limited is an engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services company situated in Lagos Nigeria; We are an affiliate of Geranium USA LLC. registered in the Maryland United States of America.


Geranium Limited’s Services is that of a specialty contractor that can provide our customers with true Engineer / Procure / Construct (EPC) services.
Working with Geranium Limited has been a catalyst for change for our business. We are more efficient today because of the project tools, experience, and sector knowledge applied by our team.


By combining Geranium Limited’s capabilities with available resources, we can take any utility project from the drafting table to the field and energize it.

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