Outsourcing Technical Outsourcing OUTSOURCING OF TECHNICAL PERSONNEL

MANPOWER & MAINTENACE (Technical Outsourcing):
Our Operations and Maintenance team comprises qualified and trained personnel. EXECUTION EXCELLENCE, State-of-the-art personnel that are versatile with industrial machinery from installation to commissioning through operations and maintenance in the course of the project’s lifecycle.
Geranium Limited provides only the most experienced and qualified individuals to support our customers. Through our Utility Line Management Services, we provide personnel to meet any number of key roles necessary to support your industrial assets through out all Engineering Services from
The Instrumentation and Control Engineering to Mechatronics.
Electrical Electronics and telecommunication personnel.
Professional Services (Supplemental Personnel)
• Substation Construction/Maintenance
• Transmission Projects
• Distribution Projects
• Utility Real Estate Support
• Contractor Management
• Substation Commissioning & Testing
• Power Generation Projects
• Telecommunications OSP Projects
• Contract Electrical Checkers
• Material Management
Automation Specialists
Conveyor and Packaging Support Specialists
Turbine Plant specialists