Survey and plannings

Surveys & plannings

Geranium Limited Surveying Division can respond quickly to our client’s needs. We take pride in providing our clients with quality products and superior service, on time, and to their specified format. We maintain a well-qualified staff of surveyors, geometric & civil engineers using the most advanced technology. Our equipment & software are constantly updated and expanded.
Our sensor fusion of GNSS, IMU, and a camera come together to create Visual Positioning technology.
Measure points with an obstructed view to the sky more efficiently and easily.
Capture points you couldn’t reach before with a GNSS rover.
Gain more flexibility and control, with no need to use additional time-consuming equipment.
Map hundreds of points with survey-grade accuracy within minutes.
Capture the scene quickly and decide later, what should be measured – even if the scene subsequently changes or disappears.
Tap on an image to measure a point in the field or the office.
Quick and thorough so you catch every detail.
A digital image of your site in less time
Introducing the total UAV solution for mapping, construction, and surveying enables fast and flexible data collection.

Survey and Land Services

• Construction Survey & Staking
• GIS Mapping
• Boundary Surveys
• Parcel & ROW Research & Acquisition
• GPS Surveys
• Topographical Surveys
• ROW Survey
• Aerial Mapping
• Document Notarizing & Recording