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Who We Are

Geranium Limited is an engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services company situated in Lagos Nigeria; We are an affiliate of Geranium USA LLC. in the Maryland United States of America.

 Geranium Limited is responsible for the execution of Geranium Limited engineering services encompass a broad range of sit at the core of our problem-solving approach. To our customers, this flexibility is crucial to the success of their facility. Engineering Services on both local and international projects across sectors including offshore support services, oil and gas, petrochemical, power (gas turbine and renewable), environmental protection, industrial, civil, building, housing, and services. 

Since its establishment, Geranium Limited has been pursuing sustainable growth and stability, along with its consistent efforts to achieve the happiness of humanity and a better world and we have gained a good reputation for excellent construction capability in various civil infrastructure (road and bridge infrastructure with future plans of road concessions with government’s infrastructure plan as a solution to the infrastructural deficit. Architecture, and housing construction is one of our other niches. 


We put safety and quality of life first.

We are customer and relationship-driven.

We treat others the way we want to be treated.

We remain your reliable solution partner!

More about us

Who We Are

Geranium Limited is one of the growing civil engineering contractors in Nigeria.

We have completed civil engineering projects through the length and breadth of Nigeria. We utilize a deep bench of technical experts and engineers on virtually all of our construction projects to solve complex roads and building projects. Our key success is the ability to be completely self-contained and in control of all aspects of construction. As such, we can take the project from concept to commissioning.

We are therefore able to offer our clients a cross-disciplinary far-reaching package to meet all their requirements when considering the

Our list of clients has continued to grow from Blue chip Multinationals Companies to The State Governments and Federal Government Ministries and MDAs.

Despite our clientele base, we are interested in seeking new partners and building new partnerships. We are open to identifying and assessing new business opportunities, whether that is a diversification from our core business strengths or bringing a new approach to our existing business models.

We have an izzat for professionalism and reliability in the Engineering Services and Construction Management sectors of our business.


— We Engineer

After more than 10 years of designing, building, and managing for some of Nigeria’s top dairy, beverage, and brewery manufacturers, we are now offering our expert services to the broader manufacturing industry. With each project, we meticulously determine an accurate budget.


— We Operate

Our extensive experience in operating consumer goods manufacturing plants means we can offer a low-cost operation management option. Focus scarce resources elsewhere and have us ensure your facility is operating optimally.

This can be an attractive, low-cost option especially for those unfamiliar with local operations or where manufacturing is not a core organizational capability.


— We Optimise

Rising levels of complexity, skills shortage, and lean structures result in suboptimal performance. We assist you to optimise your production facility via industrial asset facility maintenance.